Happy Monday everyone! So I moved this little blog over to Blogger. I looked into different platforms this weekend and I just felt like Blogger would be a better platform for me right now since I am so new to all of this. And I wanted to make the decision and do it now rather than wait until I have a lot more posts to move and it makes things more difficult. So head on over to my new home!



Friday Favorites

Oh, Friday, how I love thee…let me count the ways…

Favorite Song:

I found some old “mix tape” type CD’s from college last weekend and have been listening to them all week, so it’s hard to pick my favorite for the week, but I’m gonna go with Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It- Will Smith- Yes, I’m a dork.

Favorite Food:


Total cheat, but it was sooo good!

Favorite Workout:

PiYo Define: Lower Body


PiYo has been a lifesaver this week since my back has been acting up and I couldn’t do my usual HIIT routine! I have no idea what I have done to my back to make it so mad at me, but it has been so painful this week, and the only thing that has helped has been stretching and Yoga poses. I’m such an old lady. Does anyone else feel 100 years old sometimes??

Favorite Purchase:

Can I put something that I wish I could purchase? We’re trying to do this whole “budget” thing (bo-ring) which cuts down on my shopping quite a bit.


These pants look divine! So cozy!

Favorite Funnies:





Linking up with Amanda @ Meet @ The Barre!

And Oh Hey Friday! with September Farm and The Farmer’s Wife

Friday Favorites

Meet @ the Barre


Feeling: so grateful for all of the connections and sweet comments I have had in just my first few days of blogging! I’ve read blogs for a long time and thought for a loooong time about starting my own. Why did I wait so long, this is great!

Checking: my site stats obsessively, and getting a little giddy every time there’s a new comment or more views of my blog! I’m such a newb.


Dreaming: of the weekend because I have nothing planned and I. CAN’T. WAIT.


Drinking: Iced coffee with hazelnut syrup, YUMMM.


Stole this cup from my hubby and I’m not even sorry

Wearing: one of my favorite little sundresses because it’s HOT outside so I might as well not have to wear pants.

Planning: our anniversary trip next weekend to Jekyll Island, we’re staying here and I’m so excited!!!


Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Wondering: what I did to my back for it to be screaming in pain, YIKES! 😦

Wanting: some new throw pillows for our couch and loveseat because our dogs love to snuggle up with ours and they are starting to look “well-loved”.


Listening to: the Kari Jobe Pandora station, like ALL the time.



Having read many blogs and enjoyed all of the “Confessions” posts each Wednesday, I figured I would jump right in with the link-up! This and Friday Favorites are probably my favorite link-ups that I’ve read so far, so I’ll be jumping on that bandwagon on Friday too. I’m so original, right? Don’t answer that.

1. I only need to lose about 5 more pounds to reach my goal weight that I set when I started my weight loss/fitness journey. But they are the hardest 5 pounds EVAR and I honestly am having a hard time finding the motivation to buckle down on my nutrition and DO IT ALREADY. I’m pretty happy with where I am and I keep finding good reasons to eat ice cream and chips. I don’t anticipate this getting any better as we enter the season of Pumpkin Spice and baked goods galore.


2. I read an article this morning on how to lose the last 10 pounds and the first suggestion was to drink water only and cut out all of the coffee drinks and I was like NOPE, got anything else??


3. We have a company wide meeting tomorrow at a local hotel and I’m actually really excited about it because it means we get to leave the office for a couple of hours. Plus we get food.

4. Are we noticing a pattern here? I like food. Hence I will never be a size 2. S’okay.


5. This is more of an embarrassing moment than a confession, but whatever: I was at Ross trying on clothes on Sunday and had just slipped into this darling black Calvin Klein dress when there was suddenly a horrid ear-splittingly-loud beeping noise. Yes, I had somehow set the alarm on the dress off. I got it off as quickly as I could and put my clothes back on so I could hand it to the fitting room attendant who had come back asking for the dress so she could turn off the alarm. After that I decided I was pretty much done trying clothes on since Ross puts those alarm things on everything and I was feeling paranoid.

6. I hate vanity sizing because it makes it really difficult to figure out what size I really am now, BUT I can totally see how it works for the store/brand because I will try on a size smaller than I usually wear and when it fits I’m all like “This dress is so cute, I need dis!” Clothing companies- 1, Me- 0


7. I think I’m officially old because even on the weekends with no alarm set, I’m consistently waking up by 8:30 and then by about 10:30 pm I’m getting sleepy and thinking about heading for bed. I know 8:30 is not that early but this is weird for me because I’ve always been a total night owl and I LOATHE mornings. Now I still loathe mornings but I’m actually kind of starting to enjoy waking up early on the weekends because it gives me more time to enjoy my days off.


I think that’s all I’ve got! What are your confessions?

The Hump Day Blog Hop


So it’s still about 99 degrees outside right now, but of course I’m thinking about my favorite season ever, FALL! Or Autumn, whichever you prefer.


I love absolutely everything about Fall. Not that we have much of a true Fall in Florida, but we can pretend, can’t we? Besides, we do occasionally get some Fall color here! See, proof!


A few of my favorite things about Fall:

1. “Cooler” weather- Yes, it does cool off in Florida somewhat. And after the sweltering heat of August, there is no better feeling than that first little bit of coolness in the air when you step outside! Of course, some years it takes longer than others to get here, but when it does arrive it is glorious!

2. Pumpkin everything- Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, pumpkin butter…I once met someone who doesn’t like Pumpkin. I don’t get it.

3. FOOTBALL!!!- Specifically Florida Gators football, but really just football in general. I used to not really care about football, I would watch the Superbowl but that was about it. But then Adam and I started watching it together and I started understanding more about the game and I was hooked! There’s just something about it, the excitement, the team spirit, the athleticism, and the tradition. Our favorite is college ball, but we watch NFL too. Pretty much if football is on, I want to be watching it! We try to catch as many of the SEC games as we can, but we also enjoy watching teams from other conferences like Oklahoma State and Clemson.


4. The clothes- Even though I live in FL and we don’t get very cold, I still LOVE all things cozy, like boots, sweaters, jackets, long sleeves…Sigh…


5. The Fair- We go with a group of friends every year to the cutest little country fair you ever did see. We look at all of the animals, watch the 4H competition, and admire all of the adorable displays set up by local elementary schools. Then we consume mass quantities of funnel cake, corn dogs, cotton candy, and BBQ and follow all that up with a ride that spins us in circles until we feel naseous. It. is. awesome.

6. The movies- I have a list of “fall” movies we have to watch every year- The Adventures of Ichabod Crane; Haunted Mansion (the cheesy but awesome Disney ride turned movie); It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; Sleepy Hollow (I just have to close my eyes for the gross parts), and Mad Monster Party.

7. The food and drinks-Everything is just more cozy, including the food! Fall equals comfort food galore! Pies, cakes, all kinds of chili, chicken and dumplings, caramel corn, apple butter, apple cider, hot cocoa, ginger snaps, sweet potatoes, anything involving cinnamon…


I could go on and on, but those are the highlights! What’s your favorite thing about Fall?



Let’s do this

Well, hello there!

Welcome to my little blog. It’s nothing special, really. Just a collection of my thoughts, hopes, dreams, and ideas.

Let’s see, where to begin…

My name is Julia. I’m married to a pretty awesome guy named Adam. We have no kids, unless you count these precious little furballs:




Which I do.

Yes, I dress my dogs up in clothes. What? My husband would prefer I didn’t, but how can you not appreciate this cuteness?!?

I work a perfectly regular 8-5 day job that pays the bills, and by night Adam and I are cake designer/decorators. It’s my creative outlet, and though it does have the tendency to drive me batty, I love it.


I LOVE to read. Like seriously, I am ALWAYS reading something. Sometimes two or three somethings at once. Even if it’s a book I’ve read 5 times already. I mainly read Christian Romance, Historical Fiction, and Chick Lit, with a little Suspense thrown in.


I love music. Who doesn’t right? I pretty much can listen to any genre, I love it all. Pop, Country, Alternative, Hip Hop, R&B, (some) Rap, Rock…Except maybe the stuff where they scream the entire time. That’s where I draw the line. Basically Pandora is my best friend.  Adam has certainly expanded my musical horizons since I met him. Can you even believe I had never heard of Chris Cornell, Incubus, or Foo Fighters before he introduced me to them?! I was pretty sheltered growing up, but I’m cool with that.

Shopping. Real original, I know. But shopping has to be one of the best things ever. One of my favorite things to do on a lazy Saturday or Sunday afternoon is grab a coffee and head to the nearest store (Target, Old Navy, Ross, etc.) and just immerse myself in aisles of clothes and shoes and pretty things. Shopping and reading are the ways I unwind and relax.


I’m one of those Christians, which to me just means I’ve been given the greatest gift I could ever know, God’s mercy and love. I love Jesus and strive to be more like Him and love people the way He does. I fail, but that’s why I’m so grateful for grace. His grace has been with me through every moment of my life, from the “best day ever” kind of times, to the “darkness and despair” times. To me grace has many meanings, including His ability and willingness to turn bad into good, ugly into beautiful, old into new, broken into whole. My mess into His glory.


Anyway, that’s the basics of me. I look forward to venturing into this bloggy thing, I’m not sure how good I’ll be at it, but I’m willing to give it a shot! Here goes!